Music Musings

My Top Ten Gigs (as a Punter) and Why

I had a dream. In the dream I had a manager. The manager told me I should write a “list” style post, because they were trending in popularity. She mumbled something about the human need for arbitrary structure amongst the chaos of existence. Anyway, these short anecdotes and associated music clips resulted. I think I really did attend these gigs though, and not just in a dream.

10. Dar Williams at Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, Canada – 20 August 2003

You don’t need fancy instrumentation when you’re as charming, funny and smart as Dar Williams. One of her signature tunes, The Christians and the Pagans, seems appropriate to share this evening, given the plot takes place on Christmas Eve.

9. Paul Kelly at Sidetrack Cafe, Edmonton, Canada – 18 March 2004

The memorable thing about this gig was