I confess to barely touching my guitar the last six months. I’ve been adulting as they say: emptying out my parents’ home of 45 years and getting over a dose of Covid. They were draining experiences, but in the scheme of things I’m a lucky man with new-guitar face as you can see in the photo. It’s a Guild Starfire II, my first new guitar in a decade. I’ll be employing it soon on that Kiss List EP, which has been on the backburner.

Segue: Rob Findlay from the Kiss List has just released his own EP, along with his band The Helping Profession. Lucky Man was recorded mostly live at Hopping Mouse, and then mixed/mastered by me. It’s a fun dose of power pop/rock available on all the usual platforms including Bandcamp.

I also recently mastered this powerful track below by Lachy John called Oh, Little Brother.