High Heads and Helmets

The other night I watched That Sugar Film, which I give four sticky thumbs up, and was reminded of my worst sugar high/crash. It was from a ridiculous chocolate croissant with more chocolate than pastry. Given the location of said not-so-savoury consumption was Amsterdam, I did briefly ponder the possibility Continue reading “High Heads and Helmets”

Hidden Treasures

Rob Findlay, the most recent recruit to The Kiss List, will be moving over to bass for our upcoming gig at Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures Festival. Tore is on tour in Europe, but Rob is no stranger to four strings, having played in countless Perth bands including the legendary Neptunes. The Kiss List are delighted to be nestled between Matt Cal and Natalie Gillespie at the National Hotel on Thursday 9th July 10pm. Further details of this very cool festival here.



The Melancholic Mumblings of Mark

I was lying in bed feeling poorly for one reason or another; perhaps a cold, a hangover or a tender heart, I can’t remember; when I was introduced to Mark Kozelek. My housemate’s indie boyfriend had put on the Red House Painter’s song “Have You Forgotten (How to Love Your Self)” out in the lounge, and soon I felt greatly soothed by the voice seeping through to my room. Continue reading “The Melancholic Mumblings of Mark”