The Ten Albums Thing

Ok I’ll bite. A few friends requested I do the ten albums thing, but I couldn’t abide by the rules, in particular the “no explanation” one. So here’s a list of ten albums that have influenced me, with a wee bit of explanation. The order is chronological by year of release:

Violent Femmes album cover
Violent Femmes (1983) – Violent Femmes
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You May Not Have Heard (Vol. 1-5)

About 15 years ago I compiled a mix tape to impress a girl. It spawned a series of five CDs containing 100 songs, mainly in the indie-folk-Americana ballpark genre, but rocking out here and there. I have now turned these into a Spotify playlist. Not all songs were available on Spotify, so for some I have substituted an alternative version, and I’ve also added a few Kiss List numbers to the mix. Enjoy and share.

Happy Clapper (Demo)

I have a new song to share… well the first rough demo… I wouldn’t normally share something this raw… it will undoubtably get rearranged and improved after workshopping with the band.… but the topic is so… topical… I have to share it this week… the seasons are permanently changing….. deluded people are at the helm…. and our children are rising up… please join them this Friday 11am in Forrest Place for the biggest climate rally yet… and it will be followed by Spring Rebellion, Oct 7 to 11…