Daves of our Lives

Travel Musings

Climbers have Everest, Surfers have Nazaré, Cath has Sardines

I’ve always lived by the sea, adoring the calculus curves and humbling power of waves. I had seen footage of the largest surfed waves in the world at a Portuguese fishing village called Nazaré, and was eager to include it on our tour of the Iberian Peninsula. It didn’t take much to get my foodie partner onboard, as she was on a personal pilgrimage to eat as many sardines as possible.

Music Musings

The Ten Albums Thing

Ok I’ll bite. A few friends requested I do the ten albums thing, but I couldn’t abide by the rules, in particular the “no explanation” one. So here’s a list of ten albums that have influenced me, with a wee bit of explanation. The order is chronological by year of release:

Violent Femmes album cover
Violent Femmes (1983) – Violent Femmes