Ok Cello – The Portland Cello Project Does Ok Computer

It was the reason I bought my first reggae album, and for those who know me that is no mean feat. I had always thought reggae sounded like the musicians couldn’t get the beat right, and it was called the “off” beat for a very good reason.

But let’s go back to the Grammy Awards fifteen years ago. Continue reading “Ok Cello – The Portland Cello Project Does Ok Computer”

Deviant Yoga and a Sex Positive Culture

Laughter, ruff, verbal, shadow, juicy… Many words have been used to prefix yoga. When I saw Deviant Yoga advertised in Seattle I decided to give it a go. My travel-weary body needed a good stretch, plus a friend and I were curious to check out the venue, the Center for a Sex Positive Culture  Continue reading “Deviant Yoga and a Sex Positive Culture”

CDless in Seattle and why MP3 sucks

I like Seattle. It has the friendly, progressive port thing going on that reminds me of Freo. In the leafy suburb known locally as “The People’s Republic of Fremont”, there is a statue of Lenin, a troll under a bridge, and a musical instrument store called Dusty Strings. It was the perfect place to consummate my long-held lust for a Taylor acoustic guitar. Before leaving town Continue reading “CDless in Seattle and why MP3 sucks”