Travel Musings

A beanie saved my life (or at least my noggin)

Porto is a gorgeous old city on the Douro River but, as in any city, there are a few dangers that may befall one:
• falling foul of an “assertive” driver on the steep, narrow, cobble-stone streets
• the eternal wait in the queue to enter Livraria Lello, the bookstore that reportedly was the inspiration for Hogwarts library in Harry Potter (we happily passed)
• renal system overload from all the salty fish (glad I didn’t pass – delicious)
• coronary system overload from eating Francesinha (wish I’d passed – disgusting)
• being bowled over by one of the copious construction cranes (this is a city undergoing serious renovation)
• falling off the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge, built in in the 1880s, after tasting too many ports in Vila Nova de Gaia

Photo of Porto
Travel Musings

High Heads and Helmets

The other night I watched That Sugar Film, which I give four sticky thumbs up, and was reminded of my worst sugar high/crash. It was from a ridiculous chocolate croissant with more chocolate than pastry. Given the location of said not-so-savoury consumption was Amsterdam, I did briefly ponder the possibility

Travel Musings

The Melancholic Mumblings of Mark

I was lying in bed feeling poorly for one reason or another; perhaps a cold, a hangover or a tender heart, I can’t remember; when I was introduced to Mark Kozelek. My housemate’s indie boyfriend had put on the Red House Painter’s song “Have You Forgotten (How to Love Your Self)” out in the lounge, and soon I felt greatly soothed by the voice seeping through to my room.