Halloween in New York on the way home from London

… is the opening line of an epic Crazy Horse-esque dirge by the Red House Painters. It seemed appropriate I was going to see their lead singer Mark Kozelek play a show in London after I attended the Greenwich Village Halloween parade. My plans were thwarted though Continue reading “Halloween in New York on the way home from London”

Screws and Cheap Tricks in Rockford Illinois

Rockford, Illinois, was once the world’s largest manufacturer of screws, but following the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1994, most of its manufacturing sector bolted out of town Continue reading “Screws and Cheap Tricks in Rockford Illinois”

Colorado Contrails and Cowboys

Steady progress with gentle rocking around gradual bends along scenic river valleys. Room to stretch legs, move about and socialise with fellow passengers. There is much to recommend about long-distance train travel.

On the first leg of my American rail journey, along the superlative Washington coast, I had the good fortune to sit next to Continue reading “Colorado Contrails and Cowboys”

Ok Cello – The Portland Cello Project Does Ok Computer

It was the reason I bought my first reggae album, and for those who know me that is no mean feat. I had always thought reggae sounded like the musicians couldn’t get the beat right, and it was called the “off” beat for a very good reason.

But let’s go back to the Grammy Awards fifteen years ago. Continue reading “Ok Cello – The Portland Cello Project Does Ok Computer”

Deviant Yoga and a Sex Positive Culture

Laughter, ruff, verbal, shadow, juicy… Many words have been used to prefix yoga. When I saw Deviant Yoga advertised in Seattle I decided to give it a go. My travel-weary body needed a good stretch, plus a friend and I were curious to check out the venue, the Center for a Sex Positive Culture  Continue reading “Deviant Yoga and a Sex Positive Culture”