East Coast Jaunt

This April I have some shows around Melbourne and Tasmania. There are support spots for the Basics (Gotye’s other band) and JJJ Unearthed winner Eva Popov, plus accompaniment from string instrument maestras Cat Kohn and Mel Robinson, and shows with the twin sisters of the Taylor Project and Hobart songstress Amy Kendall. Its all in the gig guide of course.

Rogue State (Kyoto to Bali)

So on the weekend when I was meant to be doing my tax, I recorded a new song about the Howard government’s appalling record on the greatest challenge facing humanity – climate change. Its called Rogue State (with a subtitle of Kyoto to Bali) and you can listen or download HERE. Please distribute this song widely! Big thanks to Peter, Tom, Janja, Karl and Anne for all their help.